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Membres d'Horitzó Europa
Membres d'Horitzó Europa

On Thursday, November 17th, 2016, Horitzó Europa celebrated its general assembly. After some months in a low motion, our association decided to open its assembly to non-members in order to reintroduce it and reset it.

Elena Rodríguez-Espinar García


We have tremendously sad news to share with you: Elena Rodríguez-Espinar, “la nostra Elena / our Elena”, passed away on 2 March 2016. It is impossible to express with words how much she meant to all of us. And how much she has contributed to our association and humble pro-European efforts over the last ten years.

The post-war project of European unification is under attack. Nationalist forces are rising again across Europe as the response of the current leadership to the deep economic crisis proves to be inadequate. So here is a seven-point programme with big things that, taken together, will reverse the trend to disunity:

Avanti Europe! is a new online citizens’ movement aiming to inject creativity and dynamism in the search of common answers to common European challenges. We are establishing an online platform to mobilise millions of citizens across the continent on key European issues using innovative communication campaigns and participative tools to give European citizens a voice and change the state of play in Europe.

On 24 January 2008, twenty-nine citizens committed to Europe met in Barcelona to constitute the association Horitzó Europe, an organisation created to explain and spread the European project in Catalonia and to involve the citizens in the process of building a federal European Union.