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Phil Byers

Horitzó Europa Declaration of principles

Horitzó Europa is an association which arises out of the verification that there is a huge gap between the people of Catalonia and the project of European integration, a distance that impoverishes political economic and social debate in our country and that transforms Europe into a bureaucratic structure, distant and insensitive to the real diversity.

We believe that Europe is not complete without Catalonia and without understanding and acknowledging its current and historical contribution. At the same time we believe that Catalonia should keep in mind the European dimension in order to survive as a country in a globalized and dynamic context.

At Horizó Europa we believe in a federal Europe, with strong institutions capable of defending the rights of citizens and consumers and at the same time, to represent the Union at international level. We defend a culturally and economically dynamic and diverse Europe, socially just, environmentally friendly and one which embrace solidarity with the poorest regions. One Europe which can offer the world an alternative to the current international system: more balanced, peaceful and sustainable.

At Horitzó Europa we also believe in a Catalan way of seeing the world and that our country can and must become a leading international player, who modestly but firmly offers its perspective and experience to improve the European and global governance. In this complex and interconnected world, much more difficult to understand but brimming with opportunities, Catalonia has to be present in a sensible and responsible way in the major international debates, where the global challenges of society are discussed. Since its inception, the history of Catalonia has been inextricably linked to the history of Western Europe and Mediterranean. We must therefore strengthen the traditional European, Mediterranean and international vocation of Catalonia. Catalonia must become a committed actor to the process of European integration and the process of constructing a richer, more peaceful and sustainable world.

Therefore, we encourage the European debate from Catalonia, we work to broaden the knowledge and foster the participation of the citizens of Catalonia towards the European construction and the international projection of our country. We aim at analysing the main challenges for Europe and, from a Catalan perspective, offer suggestions to overcome them.
In short, Horitzó Europa is a cross-partisan, Catalanist and Europeanist initiative born with the desire to enhance the discussions on Europe and Catalonia, building bridges for the exchange of ideas between these two old and still incomplete realities.