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Horitzó Europa is a non-profit legal entity constituted as a private cultural association, registered in the Register of Associations of General Interest of the Government of Catalonia with the number 37108-J/1 which regulates its activities in accordance to its Statutes and current legislation.

The members of the association

The most important asset of the association is its members, who voluntarily and freely come together to work for common goals of a general interest stated in the Statues and the Declaration of Principles. Any citizen who is interested in achieving the aims of Horitzó Europa can be a part of it, filling in the application to become a member of the association.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of Horitzó Europa and comprises all members. The General Assembly meets at least once a year and whenever called by the Board or when requested by 10% of the members of the association. Its main functions are to elect and control the activity of the Board, approve the budget, accounts and management of the Association, agree the admission or removal from unions, federations, confederations and associations and approve and amend other statutes and internal regulations.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing collegial body which governs, administers, represents and defends the interests and goals of the association. It comprises the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the members elected by the General Assembly, who hold their office for free. The Board may establish permanent or temporary working groups led by some of the members to do the monitoring of specific issues or develop projects.

The presidency

The chairman of Horitzó Europa chairs and represents the association legally and  convenes and chairs the meetings of the General Assembly and the Board. He is assisted in his work by the Vice-President.

Albert Royo-Mariné is the current president of Horitzó Europa since September 2020. He was preceded by Victor Solé Ferioli, elected president in November 2016 replacing Kolja Bienert, who chaired the association since March 2010, taking over from Florence Jacquey, who had chaired the association since its founding in January 2008.

The economic status

Horitzó Europa is mostly funded by the contribution of its members. Exceptionally, the association may receive additional resources coming from donations as well as public and private grants. The treasurer guards the funds of the association and controls its use in a transparent manner. The accounts of the association are always available to its members and the auditing bodies at its request.