The English editon of this website is a partial translation. Please find the comprehensive version in the Catalan or Spanish editions.

Victor Solé Ferioli, president of Horitzó Europa (2016-2020)

Victor was born in Barcelona in 1987. Being half Catalan and half Italian, he holds a degree in Political and Administration Sciences from de Universitat de Barcelona (2012), a master in Project Management of the IL3 Institute for Lifelong Learning (2014), and a master in European Political and Administrative Studies, specialising in European Public Policy Analysis, at the College of Europe, in Bruges (2016). He is committed to the neighbourhood and European movements in Catalonia since 2010.

Victor became a Horitzó Europa member in 2010, and he has tried to be as active as posible ever since, even when he travelled abroad to live, study or work. He has lived in Cambridge (UK), Queensland (Australia), Bordeaux (France), and Bruges (Belgium). He has experience and knowledge in project management.

In 2012, Victor founded a political analysis web magazine called Finestra d’Oportunitat along with some of his fellows from the bachelor degree. He has committed himself with this project ever since. He writes articles on European and International politics, usually in Catalan.

Eventually, he is a founder member of the Italian Catalan blog Los De La Bici, where he writes reviews analyzing literature, TV series and movies. He also writes tales and poetry, usually in Spanish.