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Horitzó Europa encourages the MEPs to sign in favour of a European Constitutional Convention

The European Union is going through tough times. Either it evolves towards full political integration or it risks becoming an irrelevant player in the international arena. The economic crisis, which is degenerating into a political crisis, worsens the situation. The only solution seems to initiate a process to establish the United States of Europe.

This is the reason why Horitzó Europa, candidate member of the Union of European Federalists, in collaboration with pro-European association from throughout the continent, is inviting Spanish Members of the European Parliament to support and sign the Declaration of Commitment for a European Constitutional Assembly / Convention.

The proposal has been signed so far by MEPs Maria Badia, Raimon Obiols (S&D) and Raül Romeva (Greens/ALE). We expect to increase the list in the coming weeks.