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Victor was born in Barcelona in 1987. Being half Catalan and half Italian, he holds a degree in Political and Administration Sciences from de Universitat de Barcelona (2012), a master in Project Management of the IL3 Institute for Lifelong Learning (2014), and a master in European Political and Administrative Studies, specialising in European Public Policy Analysis, at the College of Europe, in Bruges (2016). He is committed to the neighbourhood and European movements in Catalonia since 2010.

On 4 December Horitzó Europa organised a dinner-debate in Brussels with Muriel Casals, president of Òmnium Cultural, a paramount organisation in the promotion of Catalan language and culture. Several issues were discussed, related to the political situation in Catalonia after the regional elections on 25 November, hypotheses about the status of Catalonia in the event of its secession, comparisons with the Scottish case, the role of Catalan and pro-European civil society organisations, and the recognition of Catalan language in EU institutions.